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Help The WSLC and WA LERC Bring More Young Workers Into Our Labor Movement

The Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Central Labor Council
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The Washington State Labor Council is teaming up with the WA Labor Center and Central Labor Councils across the state to bring more young workers into our local labor movement. They are asking for your help in finding workers 35 years old and younger who are interested in 

  • Growing their understanding of the labor movement
  • Sharing lessons with other young union members
  • Envisioning what their next steps in organized labor might look like.

Young Workers United Leadership Training will kick off with a series of four online workshops in February. The WSLC is asking you to nominate young union members interested in joining workshops on Campaign Building and Strategy, Demystifying the Labor Movement, Empowerment Through Relationship Building,and Race and Labor. They're not just looking for participants - they're also seeking nominations for young workers interested in cofacilitating a workshop or being a panelist.

If you know a young union member who would be interested in this opportunity, please share this flier with them, or send them to this registration page.

Later in the year WSLC and WA LERC plan to team up with the young workers who've gone through these workshops so they can host in-person Young Workers United trainings and engage even more union members under 35 throughout our region.

We hope you'll nominate young union members from within your Locals, and work with them so they become more involved in our local Labor community.