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Maintain, Enhance and Improve Cowlitz Fire and Rescue - Vote YES on Proposition 1

22 Sep, 2022
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Voters in Cowlitz County aren't just voting for political candidates in November's election - they also have the opportunity make sure our fire and rescue service is fully funded and able to respond to emergencies by voting YES on Proposition 1: The Fire and Rescue Levy Lid Lift.

Proposition 1 will restore the levy rate to $1.35 per thousand from $0.97 per thousand in 2023, with up to a 5% annual adjustment during 2024-2028. Voting yes on this proposition will maintain staffing at our Fire and Rescue service, enhance training, and improve infrastructure our region needs to keep everyone safe.


Find out more about the Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue Levy Lid lift at, and be sure to ask your family, friends, and fellow workers to vote yes on this important proposition.

Cowlitz Fire and Rescue District 2 Proposition 1 Flier